about "I'm AVIATOR"

It always starts with a need, so it was this time...

A pilot required a headset covers and we've managed to make them, washable, looking good and even better for the ears.

We've started getting more and more questions about covers for the ears and headpads.

Now we support most popular aviation headsets to mention David Clark H10, David Clark PRO, Bose A20, Navcomm, Sennheiser and we plan to support next models.

We've also designed and made very strong bags from certified waterproof polyester to carry personal items.

And last but not least we've designed a seatpad for Moskito 1b airplane.

So if you also need anything unusual to help your aviation passion last forever please send us an e-mail. All the products available in our shop are a result of your needs that we've changed into designs and makes.  We welcome you in our workshop.

We are constantly working on new products or improving those already designed. Who knows if what you are currently looking for wouldn't become our next project?

PilotZone workshop