The owner of the workshop and store is the company:
    PROSOFT Jakub Wrona, based in Wrocław

    (hereinafter referred to as the "Seller")
    The party making orders or purchases (hereinafter: "the Customer") may only be an adult natural person or an organizational unit that is not a legal person, the law of which grants legal capacity or a legal person.
    Each person placing an order is obliged to read these Regulations, and placing an order is tantamount to accepting the content of the Regulations by the Customer.
    The Seller reserves the right to place advertisements and content on the website promoting the offered goods and services.


        All items offered by the Seller are new.
        The customer receives a new product, never used before, created according to the preferences specified by him.
        Items offered on the site are handmade (so-called handmade), so individual items may be slightly different from each other.
        Some elements of the product are not specified by the customer and will be selected in accordance with the art of design and sewing. Such elements include threads, snaps, strings, zips, internal materials in several layered products.
        The Seller makes every effort to ensure that the photos and descriptions of the products presented in the offer accurately represent the look and the actual state of the final model.
        The Seller works and improves his offer on a current basis, which is why he reserves the right to introduce changes to the offered products without the need to inform the customer. This does not apply to already purchased products where if there is a need to introduce a change the Seller will contact the customer to agree on the change or withdraw from the transaction.

The shipping costs to the customer are added to the price. The amount of shipping costs depends on the delivery method selected by the customer and the total weight of all purchased items.


    The condition to place an order with the Seller is to correctly complete all required fields of the order form and send it via the registration system and using the tools available on the website.
    By placing an order, the Customer provides all the data necessary to complete the order:
    name, surname, shipping address, e-mail address, telephone number,

    and in the case of entrepreneurs, in addition:
    full company name, address of the registered office, tax identification number (invoice)


    The seller provides the following forms of payment:
        Bank transfer - no additioanl cost for The Customer
        PayPal - no additioanl cost for The Customer

If there is a need to return the funds, the Seller will refund the funds based on the payment method used by The Customer, either a Bank transfer or the PayPal.


    Ordered goods are delivered via the operator chosen by the customer
    The collection of a personal parcel by the customer is possible in Wrocław after setting a pickup date convenient for both parties.
    The final stage of the contract is sending an invoice to the e-mail address provided in the order in electronic form for ordered goods and services.
    In the event of returning the parcel to the Seller due to the absence of the addressee, an error in the delivery address provided by the Customer or failure to collect the shipment within the prescribed period resulting in the return of the shipment to the Seller, the Seller is not responsible for the situation, and the customer bears the costs associated with the re-delivery of the goods.
    Currently available delivery forms:
        DPD courier - cost depends on the delivery country, max. weight 2kg
        Polish Post - cost depends on the weight, max. 1kg
        Personal collection - cost: 0.00 PLN


    Complaints shall not be subject to mechanical damage to the goods arising after the moment of handing over the goods to the Customer.
    Complaints are not subject to differences in the color and structure of the material in reality and what is displayed on the electronic device.
    The product is hand-sewn and may slightly differ in dimensions. The seller is not responsible for the wrong size.
    If you receive an incorrect / defective product or an incomplete order, please send a complaint notification to the following e-mail address: biuro@pro-software.pl.
    Please send the following information in the e-mail:
        order number
        the name and quantity of the product to which the complaint relates
        detailed description of the reason for the complaint + photos of possible defects or the wrong product
        optional: preferred solution to the problem


        The customer who has entered into a distance or off-premises contract has the right to withdraw from it without giving a reason within 14 days. This is called the right to think, enabling the buyer to get acquainted with the commodity and consider purchasing rationality. In such case please send your delivery back to the following address: PilotZone.eu, ul. Klasztorna 27/8, 52-234 Wrocław and we will return the funds in 5 days starting from having collected the parcel.